Sunday, November 12, 2006

deep in the heart....

i got to surprise my sister and her family on a quick trip down here to san antonio this last week through today. has been a whirlwind of family stuff, but relaxing mostly, thanks to the new hot tub they had put in their backyard the day before i got here. good timing right.

i did even get some touristy stuff in like 2 visits to museums. one to the san antonio musuem of art, great contemporary collection, and also a trip to the mcnay museum. sama is in a huge, refurbished industrial building on the edge of downtown and boasts 6 floors and tons of regional themed galleries, although we stuck mostlt to photography and contemporary, my faves. some highlights from there included a stunning wayne thiebaud, a gigantic helen frankenthaler (not a huge fan, but this piece was striking) and a eudora welty photography survey. welty was a photgrapher in the pre-wpa south and her images were wonderful slices of life focusing mainly on women, families and the great color divide evident then, and somewhat still today, in the deep south. the mcnay was quite the opposite. set up by an old monied lady here the musuem is set in what was her grand spanish villa style mansion. complete with sculpture garden walking grounds and fountains, an amazing courtyard patio and a collection that featured alot of 19th and 20th century european and american artists. all ther greats were represented here: mondrian, degas, picasso, pisarro, seurat and the like. they even own one paul cadmus painting that is quite breathtaking. cadmus was a mid century painter and illustrator who favored the male nude (on canvas and in life). his work is a less graphic version of tom of finland, but in that vain of exagerated muscle, but more tender and less in your face. t.o.f. obviously draws his images for a gay male crowd. cadmus had to hide his "intentions" a bit at first, but this late career piece is very tender, light and yet direct.

got to spend 10 hours at a horse show my niece was in yesterday. while this was quite lucky to get to see on the weekend i was here and amazing to watch, around hour 5 i was getting a bit bored. luckily i brought a book and passed the time somehow. got a lot of great shots and the ranch where it was, also where she takes lessons, was quite picturesque.

just getting out of my routine was good. i feel completely over the sickness/sinus stuff that knocked me down for a week and ready to get back into my life and get a few more plates spinning before the end of the year....


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