Monday, May 01, 2006

where did april go....

as it turns out i didn't post once in april. ooops my bad. part of the month my internet was out due to my bill not being in, fixed that then the modem went. apathy set in, work-work-work, not really feeling this as much lately, nice weather then bad-shit the list just goes on and on and on .......

anyways today was may 1st and the immigration walkout was in full effect! 95+% of the kitchen staff were out and the bare bones crew did their best to keep up but the effect was noticeable. i had to work today for many different reasons, but tried to do my part by not spending any $$$ today. i really want some ice cream right now but i will not break down. i'm not terribly political, but i think this falls in with equality issues and the like, so i tried to do a little bit anyways.

i have been taking pictures again and feel inspired more than ever to work. i have been trying to discipline myself to dedicate more time to this, and it's starting to come around. i'm trying to cut down a few meetings as well as days at the gym and just get serious about making something, fucking anything at this point. the ideas are flying like X induced ephinanies, minus the obvious, and i know i just need to hang on a bit and it'll happen in all due time.

money stuff sucks.

springtime rocks twice as hard as the previous.

lilacs, deeper greens, open windows, tanned smiles.....


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