Wednesday, March 29, 2006

"star" sightings....

so my obsessive obsession with andrew bird finally came to a head a few days back. he came into the big lil' bakery! he is in town recording a new album and came in for a quick bite. i must admit i was star struck at first and played it pretty cool. i couldn't not say something, so i did. he was polite and as werid as his music. he didn't offer to sing to me, or even play violin for that matter but whatever. i still think he's one of the best out there right now.

my seminar finished last night finally! it feels good to have come full circle on something. i learned some new things about myself that i have taken to heart and put into action and have already seen results from. vague yes, but neat huh? i realized mostly that i can be petty, contolling and compulsive but also loving, caring, loyal and amazing. just a short list from both sides of the aisle (good and bad). mostly things feel up, up, up.

still swimming, lifting and running and maintaining the same weight! it is just number......

things to do:

re pot some plants

get my bike out again

make some art

call/write some friends

blah, blah, blah. this list could go on. and to that i say bring it....

Thursday, March 16, 2006

one month ago....

wow has life been busy and crazy this last month. ebbing and flowing between gigantic highly charged events and lulling smooth moments of downtime. ebb and flow. my favorite descriptor for life.

so much has happened lets see.

i had an awesome party for my 25th month of sobriety. once in minneapolis and once in duluth, in that order. both fablulous and amazing. i am constantly blown away by the fact some people are still in my life. i was an awful, nasty, mean drunk and by all accounts shouldn't be around either, but so very touching to get to hang out with people who want to be with me still. this aspect of my sobriety is something that keeps me very much grounded in gratitude. simply amazing.

i got to see andrew bird twice that weekend asd well. i had no ticket for the fine line show, but got one from a hot guy in an argyle sweater, who i couldn't locate once inside. i drove to duluth the next night in a snow storm for the aforementioned party and got to see andrew bird again at weber music hall. both shows were different and lovely in their own ways.

the spiritual seminar i started awhile ago is coming to a head and while some things are scary and awful to look at, but i am ready to move on from this and start anew. i have been putting off any major decisions until this is done. come spring though watch out!

i finally got a raise at work, last week. the $$$ amount is still be discussed. at this point anything would help. obviously more would be better, we'll see. the seminar i'm in has really been helping me with work too. i was getting really stressed, irratible and cranky and this was starting to effect my co-workers. i always forget to let go of the small stuff. ugggh.

last weekend was apparently the time for surprise minneapolis visits. i had some friends (that i knew about) coming to minneapolis from south/north dakota, but a friend flew in from philly, miss mary lee and j from san fran. all for different reasons. got to spend a good amount of quality time i thought/hoped with everybody and hope they know that i love them all and they have the most beautiful faces ever. (i have been listening to the flaming lips again.) hung out with mary on and off over the weekend. got to see j at ben's surprise party. went to belle and sebastian with toni and janine (dakotas) on sunday. whatta treat that was. i have always wondered what they looked like. how they got sucha full and delicous sound. well alot of people and great timing really helps. high energy and catchy riffs does too. whatta a glorious, glorious show. i even got to see some old duluth buddies who came down to see the show too, and who actually got us the tickets. thanks yo!

much is happening this weekend. i just today realized that tomorrow is st. patrick's day. this holiday used to frighten me and cause me to get pretty introspective. three years ago, it was what i thought was the beginning of the end. i started partying so hard and used to use the date as my start point. somehow, one night became one month which became 10 months of non-stop partying and things slowly slipped away, myself included. so i really don't do anything to celebrate obviously, but lay low and wait for the veneral equinox. so close, so soon....