Thursday, February 16, 2006

at the speed of...

it seems like the new year had just begun and now february is almost over. weird yes, but even mor exciting because march and spring are so close!! have been staying pretty busy with work, workin out and meetings. always lots of little things for sure, but nothing major.

started taking an intensive 7 week course on digging deep into the resentments and personal conflicts that are stopping me from becoming more spiritual. the idea is to locate them, document them, rectify them and hopefully grow from it. the class isn't just for alcoholics and they draw resource material from all over. the first class on tuesday was a bit odd and scary but i want to stick it out.

next week i get to see andrew bird and haley bonar at the fine line. two of my faves on one stage, yeah! the last concert i went to was the low holiday show i think. i used to see tons of bands, which may have been a cover for going out and getting drunk. not always though. i guess i'm just a bit more selective these days and prefer a sit down concert venue to a rowdy bar show. less variables to be concerned with + people at concert venues tend to be there for the music and less for the social aspect.

i ripped my swimsuit in the spin dryer at the gym on tuesday and got a new one yesterday. couldn't quite commit to a full on brief style speedo, but ended up with a sleek pair of black nike jammers (mid to lower thigh). what a difference it has made though! i was swimming in trunks for awhile and without all the extra drag i just glide and glide through the water. i did 40 laps today! a new distance record for myself which works out to be a mile and quarter. i am constantly amazed by the human body and how mine is rebounding. so new suit great, getting awful. i had to go to bloomington or richfield or somewhere that wasn't minneapolis and boy i discovered how much i dislike the suburbs.l why i ask, why would anyone live there?! this rant could go on forever so we'll just leave it at that.

i went to a dinner thrown by an old roommate of mine, on the occasion of celebrating my two years of sobriety. dinner was so amazing and hanging out with friends who i once used to put behind getting fucked up was an amazing testament to my sobriety. i am so grateful these people + new ones are in my life, and want to be too! they almost all gave me fancy, high end chocalates. something i am starting to gather a taste for, but i felt a little odd getting gifts.

i picked up an extra shift at the big lil' bakery tomorrow for whatever reason-oh yeah i'm poor. i did however get some very, very exciting employment news and details to follow i promise.........

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

rolling over and sleeping in....

i can not wait until my next day off, which sadly isn't until this saturday, so i can sleep, get up and take a nap. i went and saw a friends low key accoustic guitar show at lee's liquor lounge last night and even left at 10 like i told myself. i got home and just kept pushing the time to go to bad back further and further. so to compensate for that i overslept for the first time as the opening manager at the big lil' bakery and woke up with quite the start when my phone rang. it actually didn't even ring it vibrated on my night stand and that was enough. oddly what i do in an hour can be jam packed into 30 minutes, but i'll never tell.

set a new distance and time record for myself in the pool yesterday. 36 laps in 45 minutes. i'm trying to work up to a mile for some reason, which is 52 laps, check back this summer. speaking of summer, i hope to be tanktoppable by then, and as noted i'm seeing results from my short time in the pool already and lost an additional 5 pounds since i've started. only 15 more to go.

i'm still reeling in way from not getting back on the job i was on last year. $$$ yes of course, but i really want to travel and don't really have the funds to do so yet. i want to make a trip out west and hit sf and portland, and found myself wondering the other day if my little car would make it, and survive after that too.

more and more things are starting to come together for the completion of an art project that i have been bemoaning since last summer. when things aren't just right for me i'm a slow mover, but i have been crutching off this for too long and actually need to make SOMETHING if i ever plan on exhibiting again. i know it'll happen when it's ready but i have to make some progress towards that too i guess.

ohhhh we had such an intense, thick, fluffy snow last night i loved it. sure driving around sucked a bit but fresh powder makes everything seem picturesque and wonderfillled.....