Sunday, January 22, 2006

here today, gone tomorrow....

well it seems like it was my birthday only yesterday and now the month is almost over?! where did all that time go. as planned my trip up north was absolutely wonderful. a nice quiet dinner on the north shore, visit with a few friends, lunch with the grandparents the next day and then back again to hang out with an old friend who was spending the night. we finally got to see the new/old warhol exhibit at the walker, and i was kind of let down. i think of warhol as being much more flashy and fantastic than this show really featured. their were some good pieces and i was happy to finally be seeing it and with such a lovely friend too!

i have been wanting to swim laps again and have been quite afraid for some reason to just start up. i do have little fears like this that still come up. so i just did it. i swam 18 laps the first day, 24 a few days later, 30 a few more later and 18 yesterday, which was supposed to be my day off but i really wanted to wim, and i'm taking today off instead. it is has only been 10 ish adys, but i'm already starting to see some results. i'm only 15ish pounds off from where i wanted to be, which will hopefully be by this summer.

the job has been humming along as usual, and i'm going to hit my boss up for a raise tomorrow. i just got one a few months back when i was promoted, but i feel i have worked beyond the level i'm paid for from the start. if not i may start looking passsively on the side. i just can't keep up the hectic, chaotic pace without being compensated. i love my co-workers and job at the big lil' bakery, it's just not making the ends meet.

the most exciting thing though is still yet to come. in less than 3 days i'll have two years of sobriety. today is day 729 which, like everyday, feels like a little miracle. cheesy yes, trite no! i still sometimes can't believe it.

i just gave my plant efrom a shower and can't wait to take a bath myself. a hot soak with mineral salts sounds like just what the doctor would order, if i had one that is......


Anonymous theresa Angus said...

hiya love! Theresa (Ekblad) Angus here : ) I ran in to your bio/posts on pdd and couldn't resist saying hello! So.... Hello! i seem to be useless when it comes to finding email addresses on pdd or your blog, so i'm going about it this way! send me a quick mail when you get a minute :)

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