Sunday, November 27, 2005

a turkey, 22, and off i go...

i guess i fell off the "i'll try and post everyday" wagon a few days back-ooops. i was just thinking what has happened in the last few days-oh yeah thanksgiving. this year, once again, i have so much to be thankful and grateful for. my mom went out of state and my dad lives out of state, so i was sort of orphaned this year again. i luckily had an invite to an awesome thanksgiving dinner at my friend billy's house. a good number of people came and went that day and i felt so comfortable there. i even got to carve the turkey! i love to carve. my grandfather taught me how before his hands got too bad from carpal tunnel. the funny thing about billy's was i new i was scared to go, mainly because i didn't want anyone to know i was scared not to go and be alone for a holiday, and i'm so glad i did go. i feel like i got to hang out with people who i know from meetings and even socialize with, but whom i never get to have great one on one conversations with.

i hit 22 months on friday and that was pretty big in my book. worked with my new sponsees some, went to some meetings and even got to meet with my sponsor too!

i picked up some extra shifts this weekend at work as i'll be heading out of town later this week and the time away will be much appreciated and surely needed by then....


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