Thursday, November 17, 2005


i have waited all week for today. for most people out there, their is still one more day of work, but for me today is my friday. granted i work on sundays-that is so beside the point. i get to stay up late and do all the things i have been putting off. fun stuff like making cds, knitting some and right now i'm listening to a live andrew bird concert on its actually video on demand, but i can't watch him and blog at the same time. i may have to bounce back and forth.

i was a bit late for work, which wasn't a big deal, i just felt bad, more like guilty...ugggghhh. it just makes me seem a bit off if i don't have some adequate me time in the a.m. i even felt like taking a half day, but i tyhought "dammit i made it this far in the week, i can do it." i did indeed make it but that last hour was hard.

finally took my car into the shop and have an appointment for monday. this guy better be good as i drove past several shops to get there. everytime i bring his name up though i hear good things, so i feel a bit better. the car must be scared a bit too, because the problem fixed itself today. it will probably be broken again tomorrow, so in to the shop she goes regardless.

well 2 days of blogging, in a row. can you belive it?


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