Tuesday, November 01, 2005

one holiday down, three to go

well halloween weekend is over and the only thing left are half off sales on costumes accessories and the bleary eyed hangovers of those who chose to imbibe last night, or friday thru monday depending on how "big" halloween is for you. i really enjoyed a nice quiet weekend and topped it off with a performance of measure for measure by billy shakespeare at the guthrie. it was done in the traditional sense with an all male cast and was really quite amazing. i really didn't know anything about this play before i saw it, but absolutely loved the way the story unfolded. As always when i see good theater, i wonder why i don't see more, then i remember that the tickets were free (and great), but that really isn't even an excuse.

my good friend toni is here for a few days before she takes off for her parents house and then onto mexico for 6+ months to learn spanish and immerse herself in mexican culture. i love her soooo much. she was one of my good friends from before i went into treatment and has always been so supportive, and i think the experience only made our friendship stronger and that much more solid. she had the same anti-halloween sentiment as i did, so we spent last night watching north country at the lagoon after a quick bite at chiang mai thai.

i had yesterday off and took today off to boot. i still so long for those last months of summer i had this year, post-trip, not working and spending my time doing whatever it was i felt necessary. reality-pishaw! just a few more days in the herd at the corp. coffee shop and then onto a five day work week with new title and raise in hand. it still has a "would you like fries with that" feel, just a bit more lax and eclectic. i should find out some details soon about the upcoming travels/work and will keep you all updated....


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