Saturday, November 19, 2005

for arts sake....

i feel a bit more inspired then i did a few days back. my old time frined sienna was down with another firend and we hit many, many art shows. i tend to go check out alot of art by myself, that and the gym are my main bachelor hobbies, so it was nice to have some art lovin' company. ran into an old friend at an opening last night, someone whom i haven't seen since san francisco circa 1999 as well as another artict, and i foresee great things happening there. they both have so much talent and drive, i hope some of that rubs off.

besides the alec soth photographs at the nash gallery, i would have to say the highlight of the afternoon was a wonderful late lunch at cafe barbette. i alwys forget how much i love it there. we had a perfect corner bistro bench table (?) with a view of all the comings and goings of west lake street and the setting sun. the candles were lit and amazing cheeses were served. are gregarious server was just flirty enough and very proficent, to make the experince evn more memorable. ummmmmm portland blue cheese i love you.....


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