Monday, October 10, 2005

lag time...

i guess there has been quite a bit of lag inbetween posts, but things have busy, busy, busy. somehow i got roped into 4 days at the corporate coffee shop instead of three, add that to the three days i do at the big lil' bakery and it turns out i work 7 days a week. the answer according to one of my employers was to schedule time off? i just asked for a day less well see how that goes. the finance thing is a bit scary as i sat down last night and got real with my checkbook. the money out isn't quite as good as the $$ in, so a better, more lucrative job will probably have to be in my future, if i'm going to keep from going crazy.

what a beautiful weekend in minneapolis. warm and sunny days and cool crisp nights. i was walking down my tree lined street tonight and the smell of fall was in the air. crunchy fallen leaves and a clear sky, ohh its why autumn is my favorite season.

met with my sponsor, went to a few meetings, to include attending minnesober (glbt recovery roundup), saw a friend off to philly (she left today, but not before leaving me the cool piece of art ever. i even worked and worked out sort of and somehow found time to attend an art opening in nordeast around midnight on saturday where i had the strangest run in. i was standing out front smoking a cig and chatting with some friends. i was doing this hipster color commentary of all the trendy, black clad, mussed hair people parading out of the gallery and this handsome man at the tail end caught part of it. i squeezed his cheeks (facial) and he turned around and grabbed me and pushed his tongue down the back of my throat. i was into, don't get me wrong, but he was moving way too fast and he was also sooper dooper drunk. i have heard that making out with a drinker as a "free-be" like the same as making out with someone who smokes when you don't. he was relentless and i was a bit put put off by his state of intoxication. he tried a few more times to kiss me, or check for my tonsils with his tongue, i really wanted to at least get a name first and kept trying to just chat him up, to which he called me a homophobe and took of into the night. i guess their is always a first time for everything, being called a homophobe that is.

i have been spending the last few nights enjoying some extended downtime and getting caught up on things like laundry, which my non-existent cleaning lady keeps forgetting to do. damn her anyways.....


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