Wednesday, September 21, 2005


it just started raining outside, and i'm glad i'm home and can't think of anywhere else i'd rather be. listening to records and unwinding after a fabulous dinner prepared by myself for myself. the thought crossed my mind that dinner needn't be pretty or whatnot-i just can't help myself. i actually wished someone could have seen it, like a bf, who'd ideally be spooning me right now instead.

so much hubbub about the new fall season and premieres and blah, blah, blah. i'm going to bust out some old records and write some long over due letters and try my darndest to not watch any MUST SEE TV (which sounds like brainwashing instead of a catch phrase).

mmmmmmm, haley bonar and some new japaneese inspired stationary. jesus i am gay. whatever......


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am coming to your cute little apartment on Wednesday night. No driving on my birthday proper. I have to find a Sri Lankan inspired dress to wear to M.I.A. AAAAHHHH! I am so excited, your my best gay boyfriend ever.


6:26 AM  

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