Sunday, September 18, 2005

a little bit all the time....

summer is slowly winding down and the weather keeps flirting and teasing the imagination both ways. cool, brisk days that speak of the fall ahead-yet bright, hothouse humid days that keep september grounded in the actuality that it IS still summer, at least for another week anyways. things have been changing for me. getting adjusted to working, and trying to incorporate all the things i want to do, but most importantly finding downtime. i was out at a friends' bbq on boom island last night and after the sun went down found myself wanting to go home, and feeling i needed to justify this somehow to myself and to my friends-but no dammit. i knew i had a full day ahead and wanted to be rested for it.

speaking of, had my first sunday brunch at the new job. was a bit crazy to say the least, but i think it is going to be just fine. i think i second guess myself alot and think that people don't like me, some don't and thats fine too, but i really think i'm going to like it there. everyone seems so noam chomsky smart with a hip arty wedge edge and a lasse-faire attitude. hmmm i don't know what that really meant or what its about, but whatever.

i don't work until later in the am so i'm off for a little late night gay coffee(re: veras) and think i'll be back to watch a movie later. oh yeah, tomorrow is my first night of night school at mcad and i can hardly wait. new images forthcoming.....


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mcad!!! tre chic!

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