Wednesday, September 14, 2005


well i finally have internet service in my home after a long 3-4 srtuggle, sounds dramatic right? time warner couldn't actually come out until monday, which they told me 3 weeks ago, and finally somebody did come. he installed a faulty modem and left 75 feet of cable line unattached and sprawling over the apartment here, tripping hazard yes, pretty no. another guy came by yesterday and re-installed a modem that actually worked, but "was unable" to install all the cable that was splayed out from the front to the back of my place. so finally today 2 guys stopped by and assessed the situation and tried to tell me that it wasn't their responsibility to tack down all the cable line. many phone calls later and two failed attempts to tell me they "couldn't do anything" they finally did it. i was getting to the point, where if they weren't going to fix it on day threee here, i was going to tell them to take it all and issue me a refund. is it just me or has customer service taken an all time turn for the worse?

my new place is coming along ever so nicely. it's furnished and moved in and my last big hurtle is hanging all my artwork, my own and others that is, throughout my apartment. i want to try and get it right so i'm not living with a bunch of little nail holes. it is coming along slowly, but surely, i have about 60% of it up.

this is for anyone is sicking of hearing about my seemingly endless, glorious 8+ weeks of ongoing vacation. yes-it has come to an end and i am once again employed times two. i got my old corp. coffee shop job back as well as a job in a local bakery cafe, where hopefully i'll be serving at night in the not so distant future hopefully. i am a little skeptical to commit to one or the other, so two part time jobs should be ok for a while anyway.

still keeping up with meetings and obligations here. feels good to get re-connected with the sober commnity down here and i've even made some new friends + have taken on some additional service commitments, to include hosting a workshop at the big gay sober round-up, minnesober, here in minneapolis this october!

sadly i think this work thing may cut into all the free time i have had to go to the gym with. i know i'll still be able to go i'll just have to plan a little more, which is something i have been trying to do anyways. i feel i say yes to a lot of stuff, not too much, but if i don't write it down, or keep it in the forefront of my mind i forget, and come off looking like an ass. school starts pretty quick, night art school that is, at which point i will be throughly, jam packed as far as my schedule goes. doesn't leave much time for anything else, except the occasional cute gay hockey player poet. i always have to leave room for that.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love love love ya baby. I can't wait for M M M I I A A M.I.A.!

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was me; AMO'M

9:30 AM  

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