Saturday, August 20, 2005

has it been two weeks......

things have been humming along and going so well here in the northwoods i have been losing track of time. i'm coming up on a month of happily not working; days spent at the the gym, out with friends, cooking for my mom, just basic relaxing stuff, but the move to mpls is coming. their just isn't seemingly any urgency behind it which is nice in a way, i just need to get serious here pretty soon. i'm 85-90% moved in, just waiting to wrap up some loose ends here. mainly getting my new used car, which was supposed to happen on friday and of course that would be the one day my loan officer takes off, but it has been 5 years so whats a weekend right?

i am however ready to get back and get involved in my meetings. i have only been to a handful of meetings since i've been back, and can't wait to get involved again....


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