Tuesday, August 09, 2005

a breath of fresh water.......

i'm feeling a bit troubled up here in the northwoods. i'm being completely wrecked by the most handsome man ever but it just isn't in the cards for us, before it ever even began-typical right. anyways he's a fatal mix of good looks, amazing aesthics and normy sense of summertime drinkin', everytiume i've run into hime he's either drunk or hungover. yes red flags pop up and no it doesn't make me wish i could still drink, which isn't even an option for me anyways, but it just hurts everytime i see him. its complicated by the fact that i'm moving back to the cities soon and he just moved back, makes me anxious to get back and to get started on school and focusing on other things. oddly enough my feelings have been captured by matt hales, lead singer and main man behind the band aqualung, his new record "strange and beautiful" found me at the record store instead of the other way around.

i'm just lovin the lake, the gym and being home with family and friends and looking forward to getting back...


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