Thursday, July 21, 2005

la la la.....

ooooops i guess i haven't posted in awhile, but access to a free computer has been limited and i'm finally shelling out for $.69 a minute.

l.a. has been pretty awful as it has been 100+ degrees by 9 a.m. everyday and after a week of this it starts to wear you down HARD. as far as cities i have been to since jan l.a. has to be my least favorite and i can't really undertstand what the obsession is with this place is anyways. i never thought i'd be so excited to go to san diego, but i am, partly for the cooler weather, but also because its the last city on this tour. i'll be back in sunny minnesnowta in one week and 7 hours, not that i'm counting.

personalties and differences have reached a point on the tour were most people are ready for this to be over, me included. thankfully our boss got put in her place after trying to kick some sand up about us, and she's finally mellowed out. just one less thing to worry about.

one week, one week, one week..........


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your blog today. First time visitor, and Zap Mamma fan. I am in my first year of recovery and congrats belated on your 18 month. I too have a passion for photography. Sadly I have mis placed my gay hockey playing poet boy friend. I know he's out there and when Iam ready i too will find that guy that makes me feel like the whole world fits inside of my arms.

Thank you


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