Saturday, July 09, 2005

escape to san francisco......

well you may or may not be sick of hearing me complain about how physco my new boss is but it is so true! post vacation things seemed like they were going to be great, morale was on an up swing, things were going fine (weds + thurs) then today things just fell apart for her (the boss) and in turn things got pretty miserable for the rest of our crew. one of my co-workers seems to think she doesn't quite hear herself talking down to us and might not realize that she treats us sub-human & that more than likely she isn't doing it on purpose but......yikes. my mom likes to refer to me as her lil' ghandi, it takes a lot to get me pissed these days, but even i'm getting towards the end of my rope. thank god for prayer! can i get an amen!?

i wasn't going to leave for my weekend of house sitting for j & t in san francisco until first thing sat, but i had to go. i had to leave sacremento in the dust and just go. coming over the bay bridge at midnight tonight downtown looked like some futuristic cyborgian holiday present to me and the lights of the bridge were some lunar candles burning bright for me, welcoming back and reminding me to check my shit on the other side of the bridge.

this weekend is all new and ripe with possibilties and i have 48 hours to enjoy it. a meeting, art, the gym, shopping, boys........


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