Sunday, June 19, 2005


well i feel bad that i haven't posted in a while, things have been pretty busy, busy, busy. anyways i had a great time being home for a week and some days. getting to hang out with my mom + extended family, catch up to old friends and still find time to workout and a mini road trip too to minneapolis. the more i see old friends from my somewhat haunted past the better i feel about getting to know them again and in some cases for the first time, with a newer and deeper understanding. i love you all, and if you reading this, post a comment already goddammit!! minneapolis was blur, but time to see my awesome sponsor, check in at an old meeting and hang out with friends and fellows to boot.

i took off for seattle a little over a week ago and had a very hectic week there. the pilot show or t3 (train the trainer) can usually be pretty painful, with all the minor tweakings and just getting things perfect, i start to lose my mind when i do something, do it different and then go back to the way i did it before, sometimes over and over, i find myself a bit frustrated, but at these moments i really rely on prayer, patience and the ability to call somebody and hash it out, rather than shut down and drink.

had a minor breakdown with my boss, which was terrifying, but ended up being good as a lot of cards were put on the table and thankfully we can start over with a new understanding for our next show in our next city-portland, which is where i am right now. also had a major fiasco involving $300 in excessive, unauthorized charges to my credit card which was quite fun to work out with my bank and the hotel, but got it righted, with lots of phone calls and several trips to the front desk.

spent the morning driving down the coast listening to rufus wainwright, elliot smith, m.i.a. and watching the beauty roll by at 60 mph. we didn't get to stop but i have a feeling i need to get to olympia sometime soon, the trees they beckon. made good time to pdx, checked in at the new hotel, dropped off my gear and jumped the train to catch my friend working at the saturday market. we caught a bite with a friend of hers at a place called lovely hula hands which was cute little pink house in noth portland and topped it off with french desserts and espressos at a chocalate cafe.

i have such a short time here (5 days) i feel a bit rushed, but i am making the most of it. tomorrow is the gay pride parade here! plus this wednesday i pick up the massive film order i sent in a few weeks back. i went through my photography trunks and sent in all my old film to be developed and printed, a hundred rolls in all, and can't wait to see them. 1,200+ never before seen images, it makes my head spin.......


Blogger c-freak said...

everytime i see you it's so great!
things sure are different for us and i'm so glad you are doing so well! love ya b.c.

9:40 AM  
Blogger SparklesMpls said...

I must have missed you while you were in town! Did you make it to The Walker?

All that film - are you going to have it digitized as well? It'd be cool to showcase it all on the net as well as in prints. :-)

10:48 AM  
Blogger polaroidbaby said...

chris i am so excited everytime i get to hang out with you. hear your stories, and see how well you are doing. i miss you when your gone. can't wait to see you again lovey. kiss kiss

2:49 PM  

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