Wednesday, June 01, 2005

minnesnowta in springtime.....

well i made it back here to the land of ten thousand lakes safe and sound. from up above in the plane breaking through the crowds it was so pretty and made me even calmer to be back. i was in minneapolis for about 30 minutes and then off to duluth, wher its springtime for the first time. lilacs budding, blooming trees and tulips popping up, ahhhhhhh the sights and smells.

got to hang out with some friends earlier and completed a project for my mom. i mean i landed yesterday and i've already pressure washed and sealed the back deck and front porch for her and i imagine she has a few other things for me to do before i take off again. i love her sooo much and its just been great to be back.

well i have been putting off making any decisions about what to do when i get done with this next tour and looks like i'll try to go back to school in the cities nad hang out until the next winter when i hopefully go back out on the road, but thats a whole life away from here.

trying to get in as much time with family, friends and hitting the gym as much as possible (i made it today too!) and just wind down and relax before i have to head back out next friday......


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