Thursday, April 07, 2005

on the road again.....

well i guess i have been slackin a bit on keeping my blog up to date, ooooops.

lets see there wasn't much fallout after my big surgery last week. in and out and completely back to normal the next day. less all the extreme throbbing from said pulled tooth. even my follow up two days ago went fine.

spent the last couple of days saying goodbye to all my family, hometown homies, doing some 9th & 12th step work and even went to a meeting. what with little homestead dramas, the weather and the uncertainty of my new job leaving for my job last january was really easy and much anticipated. this time though after so much time off and connecting with family and old friends i found it very hard to pick up and go, but it'll make coming back all that much more grand. even after a few months though i still miss my old minneapolis place and i'm even watching the nanny (sort of) just like i imagine my pretty girls on lyndale are.....

i thought i had learned some good travel lessons from my last trip out, but sadly my luggage was still 10 pounds over!! arrggghhh!!!! i even pulled more stuff out last minute and thought i had it down to the bare necessities, guess not. i mean i want to travel light but i really, really need everything i packed, i think. i know by bag of shoes doesn't make me a diva, thanks anisa, but i had to pack for 2 months so i guess i feel pretty good about how i did.

after a yummmmmmmy breakfast with an old friend and her son, i spent most of the day sleeping on planes and making my way back to texas, ohhhhhh it is so nice here. i arrived to 85 degrees, sunny dry heat and a nice light breeze. oh my tan is already being refreshed, my spirits too.

i got to spend some great time last night with my sister and neice, oh she's growing up to quick and just relaxing until i leave for my miami this weekend. well there is so much more to say but i'll get to that eventually.......................


Blogger GratefulGuy said...

I love you Chris, and keep coming back.

4:34 PM  

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