Saturday, April 16, 2005


well i seem to be burning through the cities like nobody's business. miami of last week seems quite like a blur, but i was indeed there, even if i didn't get to take in south beach, the ocean or anything else miamiesque for that matter. while most of the 30+ people on our crew flew here to georgia, the 6 member team i'm on got to drive the 12+ hours to get here. thankfully i din't have to drive and got to catch up on some much needed sleep.

today is sort of my one day off, i did work for a few hours this afternoon, but i am going to make the best of of it dammit. i'm going to check out a meeting by the old olympic stadium and hopefully get a bite to eat with some fellows. i did want to get a workout in this afternoon, but the two places i visited in downtown were closed by three pm?!?!

so the number of people sitting in this room just went up to 4. i can't tell if they are reading over my6 shoulder, but they are indeed waiting. peace.......


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