Sunday, April 24, 2005

gay coffee, dads, zap mama and dolphins.......

well i left georgia a few days back and now find myself chillin in texas, san antonio-style once again. on the ranch with my darling neice, sister and brother-in-law, who i work with too.

the last few days in atlanta were chock full of fun, work, good food, work, more work oh yeah and work, do you get the picture. one night i got the car and headed east from downtown and found the ubergay midtown area. kind of like a melange of loring park and uptown put together and seemingly a few rainbow flags short of being the castro. well maybe not that gay. it was quite refreshing as downtown is seemingly geared more towards conventioneers and tourists, and seeing a neighborhood like midtown speaks to real life in atlanta. did some underwear shopping (i have a fetish or vice for designer underwear-take your pick) at a cute gay place called boy next door and even found a thai food restuarant named the king and i. as you may or may not know i love thai curry, and stumbling across a thai place with the same name as my favorite minneapolis place i was a bit sceptical. i ordered my fave anyway, panaeng curry, as was handsomely rewarded. very authentic, very fresh and super yummy seems about right.

the next day my dad came from savannah. it's been well over a year since i saw him last. things were always a bit weird with my dad, but we both have been making a better effort to move on and move forward with our relationship. got to have lunch with him and introduce him some of my co-workers. after a quick shower we headed off to yet a another kick ass neighborhood, inwood or candler park. had great indian food, mutual ammends and enlightening conversations before heading off to see a zap mama concert. i was pretty surprised that my dad was as excited to go as i was, he doesn't listen to or participate in many non-secular activities, turns out he's a closet santana fan though. speaking off the concert, i had randomly won tickets for the show one night on the local college radio station, which a friend seemed to point to the fact that it was meant to be. whatta an experince-the show kicked ass!!!! very energetic, beautiful and moving, yes i got teary amongst my getting down. even inspite of the phat afropeaic-hip hop beats my dad even dozed off! he is almost 60, so had to give him credit for coming in the first place.

my general work day is 6am (i get up at 5:30, lookin good doesn't come natural to all off us) and typically work until 6pm. although load in and load out days always go much longer. so post concert, pre load out, low sleep all week i was sleeping on my feet and some how the "coffee" our caters provide doesn't really seem to do a thing for me. did get to have lunch with my dad again and got to say our goodbyes. even though it was a short visit (24 hours) it was one of the best times i have ever spent with him, i think we are starting to find our own middle ground after 20 years of being somewhat estranged.

as promised our load out day was 16+ hours and then back to the hotel to clean up and pack, in bed my 1:30 and up again at 5 to catch our flight to texas. i slept through most of it and even napped in san antonio later that same day too.

i got to pet dolphins, be amazed by sting rays and get wet in a 4-D movie with the neice and family at sea world texas, something i have always wanted to do, and wasn't nearly as scarred like previous daycare trips with my sister and co. to the zoo. its nice to not have to travel with a huge kiddie armada all the time. which brings me to today and sleeping in and coffee in my pjs and..........


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Sounds like you are having too much fun!!! Well, except maybe for the 16 hour work days :-) Glad to hear you had a good time with your Dad. Stay sane!

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