Friday, March 04, 2005

untitled (for arts sake)

well 2 addresses later and a gap between what the www says to be fact and fact i found my meeting on weds at midnight only to find their was no weds meeting anymore, was that a run on sentence or what. anyways 1st thursday here kicked ass!! i guess their was a lot of mediocre art to wade through, but it was all worth it to see two of my all time favorite photographers-nan goldin and david hilliard in a group show at the elizabeth leach gallery. when we walked in and i saw the hilliard photographs on a far wall i almost knocked over a lady on my way to see them. he is a genius and one of my all time idols, i want to be like him when "i grow up". oh i can't say enough + then to turn around and see some nan goldins on an opposing wall was some what akin to art nirvana. i don't know who i love more, the two photgraphers in question or the gallerist that brought them together. oh it just excites me sooo much and gets me burning, burning mad with the desire to actually show my work in a gallery again. minneapolis art scene-WATCH OUT!!

today we woke up without much of a plan and decided to drive to seattle. my friend is a designer and needed to bring some clothes up and look into some other shops to carry her work, so their was sort of a purpose behind the trip, but for the most part it was pretty casual. we did get to see some beautiful neighborhoods-pioneer square, fremont, university, the peirs and greenwood and even took in a fabulous meal at a vegetarin restuarant named carlitas. two words-smoked garlic. yummmmmmmmm and then some more. on the way out of town we even stopped a chocalate cafe for some espresso and truffles. it wasn't as good as pix from earlier in the week, but still amazing and also staffed by cute, cute boys. the food has all been amazing by the way. pambiche (a fine cuban establishment), vincentes (pizza) and this morning the pearl bakery where we had french pastries on the way out of town. one of their specialties is brugillia(?) a french donut with orange and fennel, weird sounding, but ohhhh so delicous.

i can't belive my time in eden here will soon be over, but i have to admit i am a bit excited to get home and not do anything but eat greens, work out and catch up on my meetings and some much needed chill downtime...............


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