Sunday, March 27, 2005

under the knife, the drill, the chisel......

for better or worse i'm going to the dentist tomorrow. actually an oral surgeon to have a long overdue wisdom tooth pulled, rather yanked or chopped or whatever, i am a bit scared but ready. over the last few weeks it has become quite unbearable, ecspecially when my tylenol wears off. i have this love/hate relationship with the dentist. i know i have put going off for so long, or rather i was too busy getting wrecked to go, so in a way i've had it coming.

i have been having an amazing time being back in duluth though. catching up with really good old friends, many i haven't seen in a long time. getting caught up on my ammends, tying up old loose ends and just being around. i have even gone out a few times, sometimes its weird to be in my old haunts, but really the prospect of getting tosssed just really isn't an option anymore and a great part of that fear feeels lifted.

to counter that i even went to a meeting this week here and even made a day trip to minneapolis. got to check in with my sponsor, go to my home group, check in with old friends and people who mean a lot to me and really, really helped me out in the beginning when i was struggling to get my feet back on the ground and get my bearings straight. thankfully friday was also my 14th month anniversary, time sure flies.

for a little icing on my minneapolis cake i got to see a LIFE CHANGING (note the caps) exhibit at the minneapolis inst. of arts. if you have a chance go and see the alec soth showing of portraits up right now in the maep gallery on the first floor. its free and utterly fantastic!!! soth is somebody i met at a non-profit photo gallery i used to work at back in 1999, and in the last two years his work and career have taken off in such a monumental way. i'm watching ever so closely, i want that too.

well i guess i'll be sucking down malts and smoothies for the next couple of days, laying around on the couch watching movies and kicking back........


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sweet sweet christopher. I hope yer tooth or lack therof isn't too dreadfully paining you. Call me beotch.

7:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yeah...that was me AMO'M

7:01 AM  
Blogger GratefulGuy said...

Oh my...I remember the pain...Hope you are enjoying your vaca...Good to see you last week.


10:08 AM  
Blogger predicate nominative said...

okay this is gross, but i'm going to the dentist after not going for like a few years. disgusting, i know. i love getting my teeth cleaned - i just never had a dentist in duluth so i never made an appointment. plus my mom used to do that for me. anyway, a wisdom tooth came in since my last visit to the dentist - will they yank it even if i want to keep it? because i like it.

10:38 AM  

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