Wednesday, March 02, 2005

late night, or late if your 30.....

it's 10:30 here in pdx and i'm trying to remember when that became late? that used to be the beginning of a long, long night out but anyways i digress. i'm going to go to a midnight candlelight meeting and i'm kind of jazzed. i've been trying to make one or two meetings a week and this will actually be my first meeting in two weeks.
since i lasted poted i've been to the coast were i tried to fly a kite in hurricane style rainy winds, went further up to astoria and crossed the longest bridge in the us and looked for the goonies, it was filmed there, but no luck. i got to see the diane arbus exhibit "family" which will travel to the walker eventually and have eaten fabulous french desserts at 2, count em 2 french cafes and even got a great work out in at y that over looked the city. wandering around an area i think was called west 23rd yesterday i even got a buzz cut, bye bye hair. went to a bar named bossanova, which was as swank as it sounds, to hear a friends' boy spin some records and show off the new doo and wound up at the doug fir which sounds ho-hum but was uber sexy. think of a 50's diner but dark, sleek and moody and sexyyyyyyyyyyy.
tomorrow is the first thursday here in pdx which means a monster city wide artcrawl! outside of the dismal job situation, the aggressively depressing homeless situation and oh yeah the life i have back in minnesnowta i often wonder aloud why i don't live here.....


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