Saturday, March 12, 2005


i'm back in texas and have almost come around full circle. vancouver was a complete blur as we were only there for 4 days. arrived on sunday, set up on monday, did the show tuesday and wednesday and took it it down and put it away for the last time weds night. we weren't even really in vancouver, we were in surrey, which was about 1/2 hour away, so i guess like phoenix i get to save seeing it for another time. i think everyone on the show, myself included, were pretty excited for it to be over. it was really hard to come back to work after having ten days off, but it had to be done. i am now on an extended vacation until april 5th when i fly to miami and start working for a few more months. i was signed up to another show later in the year, which would have given me most of the summer off, but now it looks like i'll work through most of the summer and have the rest of the year off. august looks pretty far away from here, but i am excited about all the new cities i'll get to see.

i go back to minnesota this tuesday and while i'm excited to get home, i'm also scared of the weather i know i'll be going back to. it has been spring everywhere we have been. budding trees, bulbs blooming and green, green, green everywhere and i know that minnesnowta is going to be a chilly white tundra, but inspite of it all i am looking forward to being home................


Blogger SparklesMpls said...

Give me a ring when you get back in town! You're right, though - the weather is nothing to look forward to. It's about time you got a dose of reality!

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