Tuesday, February 22, 2005

think good thoughts...

well i have been getting around portland like nobody's business. the mass transit it here is awesome, fuckin awesome is more like it. i took trains across the city and back, hoofed it and probably put it 10 miles without a car or bike, not bad right? had a little mini breakdown shopping today involving the current state of my body. i am still dropping the pounds, i just don't look how i feel and its starting to irk me out. i can't wait to get back and get into a normal workout routine, even if its only for 3 or 4 weeks.

i tried to get to a meeting but didn't really allow myself enough time to find one. i am on for tomorrow and tuesday has been my meeting day typically since i've been on the road. i did end up seeing finding neverland at the cinema right across the street from the hotel as a weak alternative to a meeting. wow, what an tearjerker! i haven't cried that hard since i saw the hours or maybe it was frida, but it really hit home with me. i guess i had been living a pan like existence for a long, long time + with all the growing up i've done in the last year alone sometimes my mind wanders, just like this....


Anonymous AMO'M said...

lovelovelove for you dear one. have you seen the aviator or million dollar baby? goodgoodgood. check yer email boy.


1:02 PM  

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