Saturday, February 26, 2005


well our trip to try-out for the martha stweart apprentice show got tossed out, due in large part to my portland buddy anisa almost getting stranded at the g.w.bush airport but eventually coming in 10 hours later than expected. better late than never and way better than spending the night in an airport named after our illustrious leader. anyways sorry mar (that's what martha likes to be called) if you want me for your show you'll have to invite me personally, i really shouldn't have to audition.

anyways day two of vacationing in pdx has been rad! i got to drive around in my friends new car and kill time waiting for her flight. went to a place called the starry rose and ran into an old friend from mpls, weird huh? got to workout and in related news-i'm only 5 short pounds away from being under 200 lbs, just a little big short term goal, that's a total of 62 pounds lost since last january.

yesterday was also my 13th month of sobriety and according to a mini daily tarot reading things are going according to schedule. i know i'm only one palm reading and two chakra alignments from spiritual utopia-ummm bitter right?

just been groovin to all the music i love imaganible, thanks to lime wire and enjoying the great magnificent outdoors of the northwest.....


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