Monday, February 14, 2005

okay the biggie finally...

just to get you caught up from last "real" post, i guess i need to go back a few weeks. january 31st i left san antonio and flew to phoenix, which was a whirlwind. we flew in late on mon, set up our show on tuesday at the corona ranch. just the weekend before they had hosted a huge rodeo and the air was ripe, luckily they hauled off all the offending soon to be manure and the rest of the load in went okay. for as much slacking as i get to do when we have actual participants, they really get their moneys worth out of me on load ins and load outs. i'm a pretty strapping lad but i'm a little bit too much of a princess to be a mover, which is what i feel like on those dreaded load days. all that work for three show days and on the last day after everyone had left we packed it all up and for some god awful reason drove through the night to get to orange county. granted our hotel in phoenix was a bit scary, but it would have been soooo much more comfortable than trying to get comfortable in the back of a minivan. nothings worse than waking up with the feeling that you're going to drive off the road. we made it yes, but we were all exhausted, thankfully we'll hopefully never do that again.

after arriving in costa mesa some of the guys in our crew wanted to go to san diego, the very next day, i had had my fill of car time and decided to stay and explore on my own. that was the day i got a pedicure, manicure, massage and a fancy haircut (i have to treat myself good right?) and topped it off with a nice salmon dinner at a neighboring restuarant. sunny southern california was so beautiful. clear, sunny, hot-essentially heaven......i got to see downtown l.a. and the hollywood sign but really just enjoyed the down time. our venue at the orange county expo center was basically forgetable and last week really does seem soooo far away.

one of the best things i got to do there was go to a meeting! i went to a gay mens meeting in a neighboring city (santa ana) which i found with some help from orange county intergroup. the last meeting i was at was in mesquite, outside of dallas, but it was nothing like this. everyone was so sweet and nice and i got to more formally celebrate my first sober birthday. they gave me a cake and thirty beautiful gay men sang me happy birthday and they all signed a very naughty xxx birthday card and put my chip in there too. i really felt like i was at one of my home groups in mpls, which is where i really wanted to be to celebrate my one year, i'm just so grateful that their are other meetings for me out here though. i'm trying to make it to at least one meeting as week, what with 5 people sharing a car, sometimes seems like a feat in and of itself. all the downtime has provided me some great time for personal reflection, meditation, reading and thank god for my phone, which has kept me in touch with my life back in the mini apple.

so we left orange county this last saturday and spent the day driving up the coast, ohhh that sounds so romantic. it was actually the 101 vs. highway 1, but it was still beautiful. i did sleep a lot, but found some time to knit, chat and stare out the window. we got into san mateo in the early evening, after some turn arounds and bumbled directions. shortly there after i got picked up by my sf marrried couple friends, one of which i have known for over 20 years and i was so jazzed to see them. hugs and kisses, you get the idea right. they left minneapolis last may and have been giving sf a run for its money. they seemed so at home here and it really suits them. after a seemingly endless car ride into the city,w e got to their cute, cute place in upper haight. it was so perfect for them and beautiful i was so amazed. we walked to the cutest little sushi place by their house-amasia hide's sushi bar on noe ave and had a fabulous meal. i'm normally pretty easlily distracted, but all the hot handsome men everywhere were actually starting to becoming annoying as i felt i couldn't take them all in at once....oh that sounded weird, but all my problems should be this big. i used to "tear it up" with these friends sometimes till the wee drunken hours and i think they were shocked when i dozed off on the couch in a happy food coma later that night.

the next day we had crepes at the squat and gobble and spen the whole day running all around sf. lower haight to market to china basin to twin peaks to the castro to market again golden gate park to ocean beach to baker beach to the base of the golden gate to the marina to the presido to the legion of fine arts to north beach back to upper haight for indian food and then shoe shopping in lower haight (ohhhhh i got some cute shoes and way to many cds at ameoba records) then back to their place to chill, all on a sunday! sf is in bloom and the sweet smell of flowers and eucalyptus is everywhere. i don't know if it was valentines day being today, but i saw so many cute couples, gay and straight walking around holding hands, kissing and doing that really annoying cute thing i really want to do too. i saw some amazing diva magnolia trees in bloom and shot a whole roll of pictures of this one in golden gate park. i LOVE it here so much, i have even been toying with the idea of moving out here. i know its a lot to think about, but the thought has been spinning, spinning through my mind for days.......

okay so that brings me to today. happy v.d. y'all. even though it's supposed to rain all week i can hardly wait to get back into the city this friday, and that'll keep a smile on my face all week long.....


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Chris, I am soooo happy (ok, alright, JEALOUS) for you! It sounds like you're really having a blast. I miss southern CA a lot, especially during these winter months. It also seems like you're taking it all in out there. Isn't it nice to be sober and actually remember what you're experiencing? You'll have stories, photos, journal entries and memories for years... and they won't include, "I got so drunk one night in the castro, and ..." I hope it feels good - it should :-)

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