Sunday, January 02, 2005

well it seems like the first sunday in a long time that i have been off from work. i had my last day yesterday at the coffee shop and get to look forward to two weeks of vacation before i take off. it felt weird to leave yesterday, rather ant-climaxtic, but whatever. i can walk away from it knowing i did a good job and that if space allowed i'd be welcome back, but for now-get your own damn latte!

new years eve was a blast. started about being pretty stressful, what with me being the decorating chair for the event, but it got done, everyone was happy and it even looked nice. i would gladly do it again next year and now know what to expect. i have been shying away from events like this in the past, for whatever reason, and i'm so glad i stayed and even got involved with this one. the boy i have a crush on was there, i got to slow dance with him and even tell him how i feel. sure he told me he's seeing someone, but i did it and i didn't explode! the old me would have drank up the courage, then came on too strong or too drunk and would have made a complete fool of myself. granted i did feel silly and bit foolish anyways, but with a little dignity. anyways he's too cute and it had to be done!

on my to do list before i go:
-meetings, meetings, meetings
-workout everyday
-thank you cards
-finish an art project
-shoot more pictures
-read and relax

well happy new year!!!


Blogger jimg said...

good for you on leaving the herd!
remember to keep that meetings, meetings, meetings high on the list while you are on the road. I have friends who are touring with shows and acknowledge the difficulty of maintaining sobriety while living the transient life. Check for meetings and make it a priority.
See you soon, Jim

9:10 AM  

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