Thursday, January 06, 2005

i'm getting a zero for my birthday...

well i have less than week of my 20's left. i can hardly believe that i'm moving into a whole new decade of age. i mean its not a complete surprise, i've had almost 30 years to prepare. 29 has been a banner year with so many things coming back around, i guess getting older and moving on and is just natural. sometimes in the back of my head i hear a voice that tells me to go crazy and nuts and party for the end of it all, but this year has been crazy and nuts enough without havin' to booze and use. besides that not even an option for me anymore.

well it's happy day 7 of being unemployed. i have been staying busy doubling up on meetings and going to the gym. i have been doing a lot of cardio to try and hedge my weight down. i can't believe my waist is this small (32 inches!!) but i'm still over 200 pounds. the last time i was this small i weighed 175 pounds, i know i'm a lot stronger, it's just weird.

i got my itinerary fianlly and this trip is staring to feel very, very real. i'll be in sunny warm dallas in about 10 days now and starting a whole new chapter in my life.


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