Sunday, January 23, 2005

i could be in mexico......

i think i am at the southern most point of my travels, san antonio, tx. i have spent a very mellow, relaxing weekend kickin' it in s.a. i fly back to dallas tonight and have shows mon-wed and fly back here for a few days before we fly to phoenix. staying with my sister's family has been great though. i've gotten to spend a lot of q.t. with my niece and even getting some good pictures. i got another camera for my b-day/x-mas too- a new canon rebel 35 mm! i have been taking some pix but need to set a little more time aside for it but whatever. i borrowed a new suitcase from my sister and ditched about 35 pounds of clothes, which was breaking my back already, and have my clothing down to a more reasonable amount. i just can't travel for a week at go and pack light enough to not have to check my bag, i think its a genetic flaw, i always overpack.

the first week of work could have gone a bit better. during my first chase drive i scared the pro driver a bit and have been asked not to drive any cars, show cars or rental, for the rest of the trip. not such a big deal employment wise, just leaves me stranded in the hotel or dependent on the help of others. hopefully this blows over by l.a.

also was a bit of an adjustment getting the schedule down and figuring out my place in it. only worked-out once (in the meager hotel gym) and didn't make it to any meetings. as far as meetings go, their is a meeting a mile or two away and if i have to i'll walk it, or get dropped off, or some combination of the two. my one year anniversary is tuesday and i feel it is imperative that i get to a meeting. as i learned last week i have to be responsible to get myself there, and my goal was and is to go to two meetings a week, and whatever it takes to get there, i'll do it.

i got some travel push-up bars to keep myself busy physically. i'll just need to be better about monitoring my diet, drinking lots of water and getting in a good workout when i can.

i miss my minneapple! i like being able to take the bus to the y, or a meeting, or anywhere i want. i don't think texans even know what mass transit is. plus to top it all off their isn't a coffee shop for miles-yikes. so have a quality espresso and say a little prayer for me...........


Blogger SparklesMpls said...

Glad to hear you're doing okay, Chris! Keep us posted, and let's see some photos! If you want, I can host them for you :-)

6:58 PM  
Blogger predicate nominative said...

i want to know exactly what you did to scare that driver!

7:28 AM  

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