Monday, January 31, 2005

if the shoe fits....

well i have been here in san antonio for the last 5 days and i'm packing to fly to phoenix tonight. spent yesterday at about a dozen shoe stores looking for some comfy slip ons to travel and work in, but really didn't find what i was looking for so i thought i'd just hold off until the west coast. i did get a couple items i needed and couple things i just wanted. i have to be careful to not over do it on the shopping tip as i'm trying to save some $$$ ultimately.

made an awesome dinner last night for my sister and her family. a nice salad of mixed feild greens and baby spinach tossed in a garlic vinagrette with amish blue cheese, candied walnuts, red pepper and onion and a crusty baguette. also had brolied salmon filets witha garlic lime butter atop a fresh veggie, herb and garlic risotto with steamed asparagus tips. i love to cook, err eat good food, and really miss being able to eat healthy on the road. unfortunately i get a fair share of fast food and can only say that whattaburger=whattadisaster. i am trying to eat good in spite of it all and my weight and size seem to be maintaining.

new music to check out:

low-the great destroyer
zap mama-ancestry in progress

i'm already looking forward to vacationing in portland, getting to see the ocean and relaxing..........

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


one year plus one day......

Sunday, January 23, 2005

i could be in mexico......

i think i am at the southern most point of my travels, san antonio, tx. i have spent a very mellow, relaxing weekend kickin' it in s.a. i fly back to dallas tonight and have shows mon-wed and fly back here for a few days before we fly to phoenix. staying with my sister's family has been great though. i've gotten to spend a lot of q.t. with my niece and even getting some good pictures. i got another camera for my b-day/x-mas too- a new canon rebel 35 mm! i have been taking some pix but need to set a little more time aside for it but whatever. i borrowed a new suitcase from my sister and ditched about 35 pounds of clothes, which was breaking my back already, and have my clothing down to a more reasonable amount. i just can't travel for a week at go and pack light enough to not have to check my bag, i think its a genetic flaw, i always overpack.

the first week of work could have gone a bit better. during my first chase drive i scared the pro driver a bit and have been asked not to drive any cars, show cars or rental, for the rest of the trip. not such a big deal employment wise, just leaves me stranded in the hotel or dependent on the help of others. hopefully this blows over by l.a.

also was a bit of an adjustment getting the schedule down and figuring out my place in it. only worked-out once (in the meager hotel gym) and didn't make it to any meetings. as far as meetings go, their is a meeting a mile or two away and if i have to i'll walk it, or get dropped off, or some combination of the two. my one year anniversary is tuesday and i feel it is imperative that i get to a meeting. as i learned last week i have to be responsible to get myself there, and my goal was and is to go to two meetings a week, and whatever it takes to get there, i'll do it.

i got some travel push-up bars to keep myself busy physically. i'll just need to be better about monitoring my diet, drinking lots of water and getting in a good workout when i can.

i miss my minneapple! i like being able to take the bus to the y, or a meeting, or anywhere i want. i don't think texans even know what mass transit is. plus to top it all off their isn't a coffee shop for miles-yikes. so have a quality espresso and say a little prayer for me...........

Sunday, January 16, 2005

south of the border.......ummm not quite

well day one finds me in dallas, texas. mesquite to be exact. long day of travelling as i was at the airport early and got here and started working almost imediately. sounds like i might be driving a "chase" car. essentially i would follow participants in my own brand new jetta and make sure they stay on the street course and follow the laws. sounds ok, but driving the same course all day long could get old too. it's too soon to say what i'll be doing. the hotel is okay, i think they mistakenly gave me my own room, not that i'm complaining, we'll just see how long it lasts.

i have long day tomorrow and i should try and rest up for it....

Thursday, January 13, 2005

getting closer to an AARP card.....

well it happened, i turned 30. i guess it was as monumental as i thought it would be. no new liver spots, faulty vision or hearing. the biggest change was not being wasted and the idea of turning 30 used to be enough to drink to, hell everything was a good enough excuse. i had a nice dinner at the king and i with a handful of friends. i think our server was a little miffed that no one chose to imbibe but whatever. as we were leaving though a wait assist, who i used to wait on at the pizza place, walked up and plopped a tequila shot down in front of me, all slow-mo style. i gingerly gave it to a hot guy at a neighboring table who was also celebrating a birthday. went out for an espresso and then off to home around midnight. i know i must be getting old, because i was so excited to be back and to work on my knitting projects.

ohhhhh so much to do today. 72 hours from now i'll be basking in the southern sun!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


just a scant 10 hours left of my 20's.

four and half days until i leave on my trip for 6 months.

and finally

two weeks from today for a year of sobriety.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

i'm getting a zero for my birthday...

well i have less than week of my 20's left. i can hardly believe that i'm moving into a whole new decade of age. i mean its not a complete surprise, i've had almost 30 years to prepare. 29 has been a banner year with so many things coming back around, i guess getting older and moving on and is just natural. sometimes in the back of my head i hear a voice that tells me to go crazy and nuts and party for the end of it all, but this year has been crazy and nuts enough without havin' to booze and use. besides that not even an option for me anymore.

well it's happy day 7 of being unemployed. i have been staying busy doubling up on meetings and going to the gym. i have been doing a lot of cardio to try and hedge my weight down. i can't believe my waist is this small (32 inches!!) but i'm still over 200 pounds. the last time i was this small i weighed 175 pounds, i know i'm a lot stronger, it's just weird.

i got my itinerary fianlly and this trip is staring to feel very, very real. i'll be in sunny warm dallas in about 10 days now and starting a whole new chapter in my life.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

well it seems like the first sunday in a long time that i have been off from work. i had my last day yesterday at the coffee shop and get to look forward to two weeks of vacation before i take off. it felt weird to leave yesterday, rather ant-climaxtic, but whatever. i can walk away from it knowing i did a good job and that if space allowed i'd be welcome back, but for now-get your own damn latte!

new years eve was a blast. started about being pretty stressful, what with me being the decorating chair for the event, but it got done, everyone was happy and it even looked nice. i would gladly do it again next year and now know what to expect. i have been shying away from events like this in the past, for whatever reason, and i'm so glad i stayed and even got involved with this one. the boy i have a crush on was there, i got to slow dance with him and even tell him how i feel. sure he told me he's seeing someone, but i did it and i didn't explode! the old me would have drank up the courage, then came on too strong or too drunk and would have made a complete fool of myself. granted i did feel silly and bit foolish anyways, but with a little dignity. anyways he's too cute and it had to be done!

on my to do list before i go:
-meetings, meetings, meetings
-workout everyday
-thank you cards
-finish an art project
-shoot more pictures
-read and relax

well happy new year!!!