Sunday, December 19, 2004

whattup with the weekend

well with the writing of this i find myself in the christmas city of the north! yes duluth, mn that is. in preparation for my big trip i moved a bunch of stuff up here to my mom's house, so all that is left at my place in mpls are the clothes and random things i plan on bringing with me. drove up this afternoon, and i actually drove the whole way. feels weird to be behind the wheel again, with a valid license, but it's just like rididng a bike. drove in my friend david's car, a volvo wagon, which is something i could see myself in someday. david and i have the best talks as we have known each other from before we both got sober. so my old times and new times seem to make more sense to him as he has firsthand experience with both the old and new me.

went to some parties last night and i'm dragging ass today as i didn't get back home until 4am! i didn't drink but being in that enviroment i felt like i got a contact buzz and feel a bit emotionally hung-over today, and thankfully not really hung-over. party #1 was a 30th birthday party for a friend who i've known for about 15 years. he is the 2nd or 3rd in a long list of friends who turn 3o this year, myself included, and he seemed to take it in stride. i have been out occasionally, but really didn't feel right last night so i was sad to leave his party, but grateful to get out of the bar. party #2 was an annual solstice party at a house in nordeast. it was very strange to be back as the last time i was there was few years back and i was pretty messed up that night. not that i was falling down or anything, but a few friends there did know that i was pretty high and that made the party uncomfortable for a lot of people, myself included. that night i remember offering myself up to the fire and asking for help, help to stop and get sober which didn't come for a year or two, but felt awesome to come full circle and say a quiet prayer alone last night by the fire. it's still a trip to see folks who haven't seen me for awhile, they can't seem to get over the fact that i am indeed sober now, me too sometimes i guess.

well i'm off to my grandparents house for a turkey dinner and then back to minneapolis tonight yet, i wish i was just staying for the holidays, but i'll be back in just a few short days.


Blogger predicate nominative said...

hey christoph, looks like we swapped cities for the weekend - maybe we'll run into each other next time you're up though. it's good to know you're doing so well. and thanks for the lyrics! xoxo

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