Wednesday, December 08, 2004


i can't believe that december is almost a third over and christmas is right around the corner + 2005 + my big birthday + the trip + 1 year anniversary aaaaaahhhhhhh. it feels so amazing that this is all happening to me right now, i just can't get carried away.

i made some big financial ammends this last week and paid off the bank and opened a new acct. + plus paid off some big tickets from the mid to late 90's and got my drivers license back. i had to retake the written test, but i got a 94%. it feels great to slowly be re-establishing myself again. i get so excited by having a checking acct. and a valid drivers license and most people look at me like "what you didn't have those things already?" i guess in some extreme ways i'm not your ordinary person.

i have been getting some great shots with the new camera. feels amazing to be making art again, even if it is just for me. i can't wait to take pictures around the great u.s. of a. things are just moving in such a great direction i can hardly believe, i just keeping waiting for the other shoe to drop.....but i'm not even going to go there.

i told my story for the first time at a meeting tonight and that was quite the trip. i felt like i wasn't even really there, like the words were just coming out, in a very disjointed, sparadic, nonsensical manner, but quite a few people said they got something out of it and that's all that counts. i dropped somethings and made skimmed over others, but these are just things to work on for the next time, which by the way is a week from tomorrow.

ohhhh i need to do so many things before bed and i have to work early but i probably just chill out and try to get to them tomorrow.


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