Thursday, December 23, 2004

-12 degrees, feels like -50

ok i'm in duluth right now and it is soooooo cold. my mom's a bit tight with the heat and my little fingers are starting to go numb and dammit if i forgot to pack my fuzzy slippers. anyways i am having a blast hanging with my mom and catching up with some old friends. borrowed my mom's car, with her permission and blessing i might add to, and spent the afternoon shooting pictures of friends. met up with an old friend and previous housemate who i had burned pretty bad during the drinking days and it felt great to make an ammend to her and finally talk in-depth about what it was like, what had happened and what it's like now (sound familiar) and i learned so much from the experience and i'm so grateful that she's still willing to be my friend.

i have been running errands with my lovely mother today and the 30 second jaunts between the car and wherever we're headed were hellish. i'm in long underwear from head to toe but it doesn't feel like enough. i'm a bit salty too as i pulled a neck or shoulder muscle doing some pushups yesterday after i went to the gym, which was an experience in itself. it must have been moments before i arrived that the bus dropped off the silver sneaker squad, because i was honestly one of three people there under the age of 75. quite a change from the downtown y, but whatever right?

tonight i'm planning on making a nice dinner for my mom. my secret garden fresh garlic crabcakes atop mixed spring greens with steamed baby carrots, slivered red onions, asiago and a green garlic dressing with a fresh toasty baguette and baked brie. (side note to the boys who love boys-i cook like this all the time).

stay warm, happy holidays and all that jazz if i don't check for a few days and remeber only 20 days left of my 20's.


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