Wednesday, November 17, 2004

old....or the opposite of...

well so much can happen in a week. big news first, i got fired from the job mentioned in the previous post. things were going okay. not necessarily great and then saturday night hit. i wasn't really ready for the greek food riot that sat nite was and somewhat lost it a bit when this lady treated something like sub-human. i referred her in a not so nice way, to my trainer-away from the table and was a bit shocked to hear that is was probably the reason i was being let go. anyways i had kind of made some changes, luckily nothing reversible, and fortunately still have my job + hours back at the corporate coffee. drinking or otherwise, this a new record for me as far as being fired goes. i guess technically i was still training and we were kind of feeling each other, i just honestly wasn't excepting this. although i am accepting it and moving on graciously. thankful for being made wiser about myself and staying sober through it all. it still lingers though....

have been using the time to shoot some pictures with the new camera, which i usually refer to as my new baby and seeking out people to shoot. anyone want well done candid natural light pictures taken? let me know.

i have also been going to the gym more as i have the time and taking some of my frustrations out that way. my weight has been maintaining from the initial big loss, but i am putting on muscle and still dropping sizes. slipped into my new pair of levis this weekend-33 inches baby. yeah i could have gotten into the 32's but the 33's were such a perfect fit, without any sucking in of the gut required.

so i'm still praying pretty hard to get over this last week and working through my new obsessive idea of finding a mr. southsidechris which will come in due time, and not before february, anyways keep me in your thoughts, i try and post a bit more too.


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