Tuesday, November 30, 2004

old blue eyes

i can't believe i finally have a day off! it's such a beautiful, bright, yet crisp and sunny tuesday morning and the possibilities for today seem endless. i think i may go to the gym, lunch with a friend, the mpls art inst, a meeting later and since i deserve it a nap perhaps. i got up at 7:45 am and it seems so weird to me that is sleeping in, but after getting up at 4:40 for 3 consecutive days and 6 yesterday 2 hours has made all the difference. i really love being able to get up early though, not being hung over and having to spend the majority of the day trying to feel better. frank sinatra once said that he felt sorry for people who didn't drink because when they woke up that was as good as they were going to feel all day, whatta jackass.

anyways have a beautiful tuesday.....


Blogger Brechi said...

day off..yahoooooooooo

5:29 PM  

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