Friday, November 26, 2004

after much soul searching, praying and questioning i have decided to go on the trip! i am a wee bit scared (ok a lot) but wouldn't do this if i didn't think i could do it and stay sober at the same time. this will open many new doors for me and really make me work on seeking out a program, rather than just going to the same meetings i am used to. luckily i'll be in the different cities long enough to get my bearings and figure out where the meetings are, the big hurdle seemingly will be just getting there-which is something i'm am committed to doing. so before i go i have to:

-pack up my gear and put it in storage

-get my driver's license

-straighten out my finances

-buy luggage

-collect addresses

-wrap up some loose ends with people here in minneapolis

-perhaps try and figure out where i'll live when i come back

hmmmmmm.....sure this isn't everything, but it really doesn't seem like that much at all. i'm sure many more things will appear on the real list in my murse err.. i mean bike bag. so many things to think about and do and just thinking about waking up in nyc in the not so distant future makes me so giddy sometimes i just vibrate like a tuning fork.


yesterday was probably the last day i'll ride my bike. i told myself i'd put my bike up once the snow fell. i hope my new taut bubble butt doesn't go south. i was going to drop another big chunk of $$$ on some new parts, but it can more than likely wait until next season + i need the $$$ for christmas presents-aaargh my family is so hard to shop for. i've got a photo project i need to finish up for gifts and yesterday i learned how to knit cute skull caps so look under the tree or in the "new it designer" aisle at josie wert ha!

the new camera works like a charm, still getting used to focal range i like and getting my aesthic back on. did some good self portraits and trying to capture people from my early recovery on film to take with + plus i have a really good road project i think, just not ready to talk about it yet.

such a long weekend of opening early and wanting to stay up late and the dreary weather really just makes me want to eat all the things i know i shouldn't, but everyone needs a little kfc right? ok off to a meeting and the gym, maybe.....


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