Monday, October 18, 2004


lets see it has been a few days (weeks) since i last posted so in reverse order here's what i have been up to as of late:

i just had my favorite thai dish paenang curry with chicken and cashews from chiang mai thai.

worked out pretty hard tonight and feel electric.

crappy day at work that ended on a good note thankfully.

took a break from opening the coffee shop this weekend to do my 5th step, i lived.

struggled last week with feeelings of intense cravings, which i vented at meetings, and with the help of praying made it through unscathed.

spent a few days in duluth with my mom, i love her soooo much. basically slept alot, watched some movies, walked the trail in it's autumn splendor by my the creek i grew up next to.

gave this awesome book, glory goes and gets some by emily carter to one of my oldest friends who will probably get as much out of it as i did. damn she's a lyrical genius.

saw rufus wainwright at the pantages theater on sunday night. i was a bit tired to fully enjoy it, but regardless his voice and piano playing really took my breath away.

went to a big gay sober roundup (minnesober) where a gay mortcian in recovery told his story and brought me to tears ( 5 times) for the 1st time in awhile. it wasn't the big cry/emotional release i have been aching for, but felt good and i learned alot by listening to him.

worked really early the morning previous to said roundup and was exhausted before, during and after the event.

friday night i went to my 1st bar show since i have been sober and saw my all time favorite band low at the triple rock. they played an entire set of only new music, and i felt bad for wanting to hear old material, but they did pull some out for their 1st and 2nd encores.

well i'm about a week away from 9 months and feel pretty okay about how things have been and are going. the winter and anticipated doldrums will be a big test, as will a trip to san fran and turning 30 right before i get my year, but that's all in the future, not so distant, but not so today either.


Blogger starfire said...

Hey Chris!

Scottfire here. So glad to hear that things are going pretty great for you. 33 inch waistline?!! I am jealous.

Keep riding the bike, I have been car free for almost 2 years and love it.

I hope next time you come to Duluth you will give me a call. Lets take photos together sometime.

till next time.


7:09 AM  
Blogger jimg said...

keep up the great work Chris. The results are showing all over the place.
You are going to be 30, with that flawless skin! I think I am building a resentment.

7:32 AM  

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