Sunday, October 24, 2004


i love days off sooooooo much. i got to sleep in today, which is a treat for a sunday. lazed about the house, drank coffee and watched the color purple, one of my favorite movies of all time. i had a really good interview for a new additional job waiting tables. still feeling a wee bit apprehensive about getting back into serving, but if its meant to be it'll happen. i am not quitting my coffee job-i guess i'm just testing the water more or less.

also in honor of taking the day off i didn't go to the gym today. i made it to the gym though 4 times last week and feel stronger, leaner and sexier for it. i only weigh myself once a week or once every other, but feel like i may have lost 5 more pounds.

and the most exciting thing i think is tomorrow, or 2 hours to be exact, i'll have been sober 9 whole months in a row, still trips me out a bit to think about this, but it actually makes me more and more grateful with each passing day.

tomorrow is indeed monday and the start of a whole new week.......


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