Thursday, September 09, 2004

say cheese

day three of the car show and things are going great! of all the things they randomly had me do, i'm taking pictures! they have a platform set-up behind a mini that participants jump on and with the angle of the camera + the optical illusion they appear to be jumping in the car dukes of hazard style. apparently it was inspired by a movie off the site were stuntmen used an actual gymnast vault to launch into an open mini. check it out. the job post tied in perfect with a dream i had on monday about getting a new camera, which is on the top of my list for things to buy with this extra money. i haven't really made new work in so long, mainly because i haven't had a camera, oh yeah and the crossing over into the darkside with the drugs and alcohol thing too, mostly the latter. oh but i can't hardly wait to make art again.

we're working with some of the people they hired from valleyfair, including alot of international students who work there as a summer job & a place to live. i think i have fallen head of over heels in love/lust with the most beautiful man from croatia named daniel. sure i think he's scared of me and a bit naive, he's just so damn dreamy. i think i'm just a bit swept up with the book i'm reading, the swimming pool library, the main character william beckwith has fallen in love with a hottie named phil and it's all very consuming. kind of makes me want to be in love even more, but all things in good time.

i'm so excited to have this weekend off. i have been feeeling a bit stuck out here and it'll be nice to be home for a few nights and sleep in my own bed, ahng out with my roomies (the pretty girls), ride my bike and take in all things minneapolis and metropolitan. overall this has been an amazing experience. i have gained new insite on my brother-in-law, have had a lot of time for personal reflection, meeting new people, trying new things and riding a hell of a lot of coasters!!!


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Ahhh... dreamy, foreign, naive boys ;-)

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