Saturday, September 11, 2004


do you remember where you were when you saw or heard about the attacks in nyc for the 1st time? the night is still very clear to me. i worked late and was out riding around mpls on the back of a very hot guy's motorcycle. we were drinking and Partying (with a capital P) in various parks around our fair city and i got dropped off just as the sun was coming up. i was padding around the apartment, trying to come down and jonesing for a drink when the roomies woke up. waking up to a fucked up me at 8 am was commonplace, so we smoked some and hung out in the living room listening to records. one of my other roomies got a call and he came barreling out of his room and relayed the message. stunned we listened in silence, our tv really didn't work that well, to reports on the radio, it all seemed very faked and surreal, sort of war of the worlds-ish. we sat in silence and eventually i crashed. i had to work at the pizza place that night, it not surprisingly was not busy, and me and some other servers stood around the bar as the footage of the planes making contact was looped for everyone in america to see. the punkers i was working with expressed a sense of dissent and blew out off with a "we desereved it." i was mortified. regardless of the situation thousands of people died. granted this happens all the time all over the world, but so "close" to home it makes it seem all the more real. i guess i am the typical bad american for not having an example at the ready, but i'm sure current day iraq rates right up there. maybe it was the drugs but i was filled with feuled with a sense of paranoia. this even carried into the next year when i would watch the solemn images replayed on the tv and cry on the floor and dread having to leave the house.

today i need to exercise a moment of silence and include in my prayers the people who, regardless of any affliation or standing, were lost forever and the loved ones they left behind.


Blogger Morgan said...

I cried reading this, actually still am. I hate hate hate, this day.

10:14 PM  

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