Saturday, September 25, 2004

it's in da mail...

i'm still waiting to get paid from the car show and it kind of sucks. the office is in texas and their really isn't a whole lot i can do about it except wait. obviously their is a reason i don't have it yet, it's just hard waiting. hopefully this will help me appreciate it more and not blow it all on jeans, shoes and designer underwear.

the week back has been nice though. have been getting to all my meetings, going to work and even got my bike back from the shop on thursday and it rides like new. my life is so much easier with it, i don't know what i'm going to do come this winter. mon thru wed were spent in mock seculsion, i felt like a hermit or some kind of neurotic shut-in. i have been thinking/dreaming about breaking down and getting a car, i don't know if i'm really ready for such an adult and expensive luxury.

i haven't really been going to the gym much this week. ok so i went once and for just a bit, but i did go. i have been putting off getting back to my old routine because i know i'll be sore the next day, happy but sore. in exciting related news i slipped into an old pair of 33" j crew chinos and damn they look good.

i've been trying to monitor my coffee intake as of late. last week i realized that i had had something like 10 or 12 shots of esspresso before 3 o'clock. i got a bit jittery and as case of gut rot, but haven't really had medfical problems from my coffee intake. i know it's not great for me, but i'm trying to choose my battles. watch out smokey treats, you're next.

what else......i saw the forgotten last night and boy was it awful. people were laughing at all the wrong times and i just felt so bad julianne moore. did she not really read the entire script like she said she always did, when she appeared on inside the actors studio? i think i'm 2 for 12 on movies over the last couple of months. maybe i should invest in netflix as a trip out to the cinema can get quite costly.

i finished the swimming pool library by alan hollinghurst and i'm working on his second novel the folding star. i tend to read authors like this, all their books in a row. he has a new one coming out next month, after something like a ten year hiatus. also with a new book next month, augsten burroughs + he's going on a book tour, minneapolis? hmmm i'll keep you updated.

speaking of coming to minneapolis, my gay singer/songwriter bf rufus wainwright will be here oct 10 @ the historic pantages theater (one of my favorite venues) and hopefully i can still get good/any setas by the time i ever get paid. so much to do this month-minnesober, the soundunseen film fest, a trip to duluth, how will iot all turn out?


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I liked Forgotten! We can never agree on movies!

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