Saturday, September 04, 2004

greetings from the third ring of saturn...err minneapolis

so lo and behold their is a computer in the lobby of our hotel all the way out here in shakopee. why would anyone want to live this far away from the city. is it the highway, the strip malls the lack of those pesky sidewalks? i guess something are better left unknown.

got some details about the show i'm doing. it's a launch for the new 2005 cooper mini convertible. i guess the way it works out is the guests spend their 1st day at le meriden and then the next day at valleyfair with our crew. i'm still not quite sure what it is i'll be doing, but i'm here. i wish i drove, perhaps a new mini, mostly because i feel stuck way out here. i'm so used to riding my bike everywhere or taking the bus, it's kind of stuff to move around when you have to deal with 5 other people. the crew is a hoot. they are all buddies from texas, so they have their own running rapports, but they have been very gracious and nice to me. they offered me a beer, but understood when i told them i don't drink, one of the guys also doesn't drink which also helps too.

tomorrow we have "team building" activities which includes valleyfair and a nice dinner and hopefully sometime to slack off a bit more.

cable, culvers and a poolside suite....ahh life doesn't get any-never mind.


Blogger joseph said...

wow! they have electricity in shakopee? hmph! who knew!? i'd email you to keep you company but alas, i can't find your email.

3:35 PM  

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