Saturday, September 25, 2004

it's in da mail...

i'm still waiting to get paid from the car show and it kind of sucks. the office is in texas and their really isn't a whole lot i can do about it except wait. obviously their is a reason i don't have it yet, it's just hard waiting. hopefully this will help me appreciate it more and not blow it all on jeans, shoes and designer underwear.

the week back has been nice though. have been getting to all my meetings, going to work and even got my bike back from the shop on thursday and it rides like new. my life is so much easier with it, i don't know what i'm going to do come this winter. mon thru wed were spent in mock seculsion, i felt like a hermit or some kind of neurotic shut-in. i have been thinking/dreaming about breaking down and getting a car, i don't know if i'm really ready for such an adult and expensive luxury.

i haven't really been going to the gym much this week. ok so i went once and for just a bit, but i did go. i have been putting off getting back to my old routine because i know i'll be sore the next day, happy but sore. in exciting related news i slipped into an old pair of 33" j crew chinos and damn they look good.

i've been trying to monitor my coffee intake as of late. last week i realized that i had had something like 10 or 12 shots of esspresso before 3 o'clock. i got a bit jittery and as case of gut rot, but haven't really had medfical problems from my coffee intake. i know it's not great for me, but i'm trying to choose my battles. watch out smokey treats, you're next.

what else......i saw the forgotten last night and boy was it awful. people were laughing at all the wrong times and i just felt so bad julianne moore. did she not really read the entire script like she said she always did, when she appeared on inside the actors studio? i think i'm 2 for 12 on movies over the last couple of months. maybe i should invest in netflix as a trip out to the cinema can get quite costly.

i finished the swimming pool library by alan hollinghurst and i'm working on his second novel the folding star. i tend to read authors like this, all their books in a row. he has a new one coming out next month, after something like a ten year hiatus. also with a new book next month, augsten burroughs + he's going on a book tour, minneapolis? hmmm i'll keep you updated.

speaking of coming to minneapolis, my gay singer/songwriter bf rufus wainwright will be here oct 10 @ the historic pantages theater (one of my favorite venues) and hopefully i can still get good/any setas by the time i ever get paid. so much to do this month-minnesober, the soundunseen film fest, a trip to duluth, how will iot all turn out?

Saturday, September 18, 2004


well i made it back from the wasteland that is shakopee. the car show is over and all that remains is for me to get paid, and hopefully sooner than later. it just feels good to be back in an area where i can get downton to uptown without the use of a car. i had a bunch of work done on my bike and can't have it until i can pay for it, but i can hardly wait to get it back, it'll be like new again.

i feel like so much has happened for me and to me in such a short span of time, it's almost like i'm viewing the world with a whole new set of eyes.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

happy sunday

tomorrow is monday, the start of a new week, all things are possible.

Saturday, September 11, 2004


do you remember where you were when you saw or heard about the attacks in nyc for the 1st time? the night is still very clear to me. i worked late and was out riding around mpls on the back of a very hot guy's motorcycle. we were drinking and Partying (with a capital P) in various parks around our fair city and i got dropped off just as the sun was coming up. i was padding around the apartment, trying to come down and jonesing for a drink when the roomies woke up. waking up to a fucked up me at 8 am was commonplace, so we smoked some and hung out in the living room listening to records. one of my other roomies got a call and he came barreling out of his room and relayed the message. stunned we listened in silence, our tv really didn't work that well, to reports on the radio, it all seemed very faked and surreal, sort of war of the worlds-ish. we sat in silence and eventually i crashed. i had to work at the pizza place that night, it not surprisingly was not busy, and me and some other servers stood around the bar as the footage of the planes making contact was looped for everyone in america to see. the punkers i was working with expressed a sense of dissent and blew out off with a "we desereved it." i was mortified. regardless of the situation thousands of people died. granted this happens all the time all over the world, but so "close" to home it makes it seem all the more real. i guess i am the typical bad american for not having an example at the ready, but i'm sure current day iraq rates right up there. maybe it was the drugs but i was filled with feuled with a sense of paranoia. this even carried into the next year when i would watch the solemn images replayed on the tv and cry on the floor and dread having to leave the house.

today i need to exercise a moment of silence and include in my prayers the people who, regardless of any affliation or standing, were lost forever and the loved ones they left behind.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

say cheese

day three of the car show and things are going great! of all the things they randomly had me do, i'm taking pictures! they have a platform set-up behind a mini that participants jump on and with the angle of the camera + the optical illusion they appear to be jumping in the car dukes of hazard style. apparently it was inspired by a movie off the site were stuntmen used an actual gymnast vault to launch into an open mini. check it out. the job post tied in perfect with a dream i had on monday about getting a new camera, which is on the top of my list for things to buy with this extra money. i haven't really made new work in so long, mainly because i haven't had a camera, oh yeah and the crossing over into the darkside with the drugs and alcohol thing too, mostly the latter. oh but i can't hardly wait to make art again.

we're working with some of the people they hired from valleyfair, including alot of international students who work there as a summer job & a place to live. i think i have fallen head of over heels in love/lust with the most beautiful man from croatia named daniel. sure i think he's scared of me and a bit naive, he's just so damn dreamy. i think i'm just a bit swept up with the book i'm reading, the swimming pool library, the main character william beckwith has fallen in love with a hottie named phil and it's all very consuming. kind of makes me want to be in love even more, but all things in good time.

i'm so excited to have this weekend off. i have been feeeling a bit stuck out here and it'll be nice to be home for a few nights and sleep in my own bed, ahng out with my roomies (the pretty girls), ride my bike and take in all things minneapolis and metropolitan. overall this has been an amazing experience. i have gained new insite on my brother-in-law, have had a lot of time for personal reflection, meeting new people, trying new things and riding a hell of a lot of coasters!!!

Saturday, September 04, 2004

greetings from the third ring of saturn...err minneapolis

so lo and behold their is a computer in the lobby of our hotel all the way out here in shakopee. why would anyone want to live this far away from the city. is it the highway, the strip malls the lack of those pesky sidewalks? i guess something are better left unknown.

got some details about the show i'm doing. it's a launch for the new 2005 cooper mini convertible. i guess the way it works out is the guests spend their 1st day at le meriden and then the next day at valleyfair with our crew. i'm still not quite sure what it is i'll be doing, but i'm here. i wish i drove, perhaps a new mini, mostly because i feel stuck way out here. i'm so used to riding my bike everywhere or taking the bus, it's kind of stuff to move around when you have to deal with 5 other people. the crew is a hoot. they are all buddies from texas, so they have their own running rapports, but they have been very gracious and nice to me. they offered me a beer, but understood when i told them i don't drink, one of the guys also doesn't drink which also helps too.

tomorrow we have "team building" activities which includes valleyfair and a nice dinner and hopefully sometime to slack off a bit more.

cable, culvers and a poolside suite....ahh life doesn't get any-never mind.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

in it's right place-yeah you go thom yorke

it's wednesday night in the big city and i feel a bit blah. sooooo many good things have happened in such a short time my head is spinning. that could be sleep deprivation too as i have been up since 4:30-yikes.

bottom line my brother-in-law is in town from texas and asked me to help him with a car show in the burbs, and he offered a lot of money, alot. anyways i juxtaposed my work schedule and i'll be gone for 2 weeks starting friday. i'll be getting shipped back in for meetings and such, but i'll basically be sequestered in a hotel for the evenings. i'm scared but i'm ready. everything came together so quickly i must be meant to go, my mom even said "i deserved it." so off and running in 36 hours, i have no idea if i'll have internet access so plan ahead ok?

i'm happy, i'm sad i'm an emotianal rollercoaster....but regardless of current mood swing i am sober.