Saturday, August 14, 2004


so i guess i just pushed the right combo of buttons or something, but i fixed our computer. everyone thinks i'm some techno demi-god, but i know better. i guess i really took for granted having a computer in the living room. i pop on randomly for 5 minutes here and there and check my email and a plethora of blogs, but once you can't-it really sucks. thanks for the offers for help, may take you guys up on that in the not so distant future.

i'm back in my weekend routine which means getting up at 4:45 am today and tomorrow. i'm feeling pretty jazzed right now and fixing to go to the gym ever so soon. we'll see how i feel after the esspresso wears off.

i went to a meeting at the same place i went to treatment last night and had an okay time. makes me a little uneasy to be there, a bit sad and happy too, to know that i have 6+ months of sober time. speaking of which, i'm still a day counter, but carried over the numbers wrong in my calendar. i thought i'd hit 200 days next week, but it was actually last wedsnesday. kind of felt like i got 10 days for free, but i earned 'em fair and square. as of today i have 203!

was supposed to see garden state today, but tomorrow it is. i am soooo excited i can hardly wait. i was supposed to go last night or today. i wonder if i'm cyclying, something like MANstrating. i've been feeling a bit woe is me and why aren't people calling me again (i know i posted something similar about a month ago) but feel i worked through it last night in my handwritten journal and actually figured out some deep stuff about myself.

enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your saturday! it's so beautiful outside right now i can't wait to get out in it.


Blogger jimg said...

tell me how garden state is, I need to know if it is worth the 8 bucks, or if I should throw it on netflix

5:00 PM  

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