Wednesday, August 11, 2004

well i made it back safe and sound from duluth. i was pretty excited to come back, mostly being home too long makes me regress into a teenager. getting an espresso and walking down lyndale made me really grateful that i stayed in minneapolis after treatment, the lack of good coffee and cool sober stuff to do is reason enough. although i have to admit later in the day i wanted to be back in duluth for a few days more. i guess my grass is never quite green enough.

it feels so good to be working out again too. i dragged 20 extra pounds of gear up to duluth thinking i'd work out up there, but never even really had time to think about it. i just love how i feel and look these days. i think i have lost close to 40 pounds since january. if i can keep it up i'll be buff in no time. imean i have pipes now, he he he, but just wait.

our computer is down at home, so bad the geek squad is being called in. so i'm using the computer at zeno, which only set me back $3 dollars for a pint of water. ugggh, after having use of a computer in your living room for so long the thought of public access is really quite gross, i mean this keyboard is filthy + i'm getting dirty looks because i'm probably well over the 20 minute limit.

enjoy your wedsnesday y'all!!!


Blogger SparklesMpls said...

I'm glad you stuck around, too!

Keep going to the gym!!! You should be really proud you've lost all that weight! You're looking so much better :-) Oh, and call me tomorrow about stopping by to check out your computer!

11:45 PM  
Blogger joseph said...

call me too and i'll take a look at your computer also. (i don't know anything about PCs but i'll at least look at it.) ;-)

11:04 AM  

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