Thursday, August 19, 2004


i think i'm officially sick, or on my way there. it's not too bad just some sniffles and i feel like i'm in slow motion. the worst think is i'm totally flashing back to all my party days everytime i sniff. i'm taking it slow today, light day at the gym and i made some carrot soup with homeade croutons. was like a warm hug in a bowl. i meet with sponsor tonight and i need to get to my home group as i missed last week, and maybe the week before?

got to hang out with some friends from my old 1/2 way house last night at bob's java hut. i'm soooo lucky that i have peeps to talk to. we are all going through a lot of the same crap and it feels good to have someone to confide in. it just helps to not feel alone and makes the healing/recovery process so much easier.

i have to work all weekend and i hope this blows over before i blow my f'in nose off!!


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