Saturday, August 21, 2004

oh whatta day...

in typical weekend fashion i got up at 4:50 am and made my way uptown to sell cheery lattes to the yuppies who love them so much, it's actually not that bad, their are tons of great peeps who stop by, just makes the job sound more dramatic. anyway it wasd tough as i could sleep and didn't get to bed until sometime after 1, you do the math. i even stayed clean and coffee spot free in white linen for 7 hours! i did however spill a few drops out of the latte i got at veras, but i can't really bike, talk on a cell phone and hold a coffee, even if i'd like to tyhink i can.

after work met an old roomie for lunch at d'amico & sons (i love the turkey cherry pasta) and have started to make an effort to hang out again. since i've been getting over a cold or sinus infection or an allergy reaction to the weather (whatever it is it sucks) i've been takin a few days off from working out. tried to on thursday and woke up sick with crampy legs the next day, i thought i was gonna cry, not a great way to start a friday.

for some reason i thought i'd go to the mall of america today?! wow what a nightmare. it's back to school time, teen fashion council something or other and the weekend, i have no idea why i thought this would be easy. i just wanted a watch, new jeans, work out shorts and socks, but with to many choices (sensory overload) everything looked confusing. did i like it, was it too much, balh blah blah. i left the mall screaming and jonesing for a cigarette which i'd left in the friend's car and rode the bus back downtown. now downtown on the weekend i love. scant tourists and enough people to keep it interesting without that mob like feel. i got new jeans and a new jean size!!!! i have dropped 4 to 6 pant sizes since january and its good to feel my hard work is paying off.

topped off the night with an awesome meeting. the speakers were really speaking to me and i almost lost it and started to tear up more than once. i am just so happy with how things are going. it is far from perfect but things get better little by little for me everyday. i know so many great people in recovery now that i was getting great hugs left and right.

it is almost 10 pm again and i can hardly wait to see what i dream about tonight and wake up and do it all over again tomorrow.


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